Personal Chef-Paella Party

Paella is a saffron-flavored Spanish dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood.  It originated in the fields of a region called Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain. Today paella is made in every region of Spain, using just about any kind of ingredient that goes well with rice.

 When cooking paella there are 3 basic rules to follow.

1. Cook over an open flame.

2. A traditional paella pan is a necessity.

3. Use Bomba rice or a medium grain rice if Bomba is not available.


After cooking paella, there is usually a layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the pan, called socarrat in Spain. This is considered a delicacy among Spaniards and is essential to a good paella. The toasted rice develops on its own if the paella is cooked over a burner or open fire.

Give us a call and let Chef Rafael prepare a delicious pan of Paella for your next party.  Wow your guests with this traditional Spanish dish!

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